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Kavil is a campaign setting made mostly for single player adventures and was developed to allow me and friends to still play even though we can’t often all get together in a group. All players will exist in the same world and effect each other’s gaming experience. Players may join up for missions on occasion and could even end up fighting one another in certain circumstances. Based on peoples fame throughout Kaliv you may hear rumor of them or they may remain a complete mystery until you are face to face with them. Everyone involved in this campaign will be a player and a GM. We will attempt to go in two week rotations. In every rotation each player will have a person that they have to GM an adventure for an likewise someone will GM one for you. Find time sometime during the two week rotation to complete your adventure.


Adventures should be conceived with the idea of completion in a single session. That does not mean it has to come to a complete close just a really good ending point, think more like one hour crime drama. A villain can even carry over into and adventure that you run with a different player but they both hear about it through the adventure journal (see adventure journal in the society section below). This will allow everyone to actively engage in several different adventures even if they are not in them at the current time and have several different story lines that will keep that game play interesting. Please consult others before taking items, like villains, towns or townsfolk from their adventures and using them in your own. You would not want to ruin the story that someone else has planned. Anything that is fair game for public use should be added to general geography section of this wiki.

Character Creation

Characters will be starting at level 6 with a 25 point buy and 18k gold. The gold is a little high since you are going this alone and don’t have party members to rely on to fill the equipment gaps. With that in mind it is suggested that you take at least a 12 in strength just for the carrying capacity. All alignments are available since you will not need to fit the general attitude of the party, it would even be nice to have a few people that are polar opposites. With that in mind the GM will be working with people to ensure that we don’t all go chaotic evil or lawful good. Be very very weary of party dependent classes like the bard, you will need to be able to hold your own. Be sure to read the portion on hometown.

The Society

Just like most Pathfinder based games you backstory is largely your own to make up but there is a twist to your current situation. You have landed in a highly secretive and renown guild of mercenaries/assassins known simply as the society. Membership to the society is extremely limited and even those who are part of the society rarely know the other members. The only way they can be identified is by a notebook that every member carries. Be sure to read all about the notebook in the links below as it will be come a very important part of the campaigns. When you obtain the notebook you are told to draw your mark on the final page of the book a symbol with your code name below it. Your symbol and code name are registered with Society HQ. It is then sealed with a word of your choosing and the drawing disappears. This notebook acts as a journal of your adventures and is what allows the Society to be the largest source of secret information in the world. Anything you write in the notebook is transmitted back to the master directory at Society HQ. A society members notebook could be stolen but the hidden seal acts as extra security. The thief would not know how to unlock the seal. The word to seal the mark can be changed at any time simply by revealing the mark saying “unseal (your word)” then saying “seal (new word)”. This is actually required even if you utter the same word in order to make the mark disappear again.

Follow the links below for further instructions regarding the notebooks. A journal entry is required after every adventure so standard journal entry is a must read.


Each PC will be responsible for creating a city/town/hamlet that will become part of Kavil landscape. This serves as your hometown and will have a deep connection with you, be it either hate or love. You will have special bonuses in this town and you may even have a home here if you wish, if so subtract 500 from starting gold. If you choose to have a home here the GMs will keep it protected and you may store supplies and treasures here. There are a few places already labeled on the map. These are areas that have already been developed and are not available for hometown use but can be used as a guide for information that could be important to anyone GMing an adventure there. Please go to Hometown for a basic outline of how to design a town.


For PCs and NPCs in your campaign, use the Character Link button to the right. Also add any towns that are fair game for general use. Adventure building should become easier as this section grows.

HTML and Textile Wiki

This is a wiki so any of the players can add to it. To style things how you want this wiki uses a simple formatting language called Textile. Textile is easy to learn and simultaneously allows for lots of customization. This has been left for reference

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