Standard Journal entry

A journal entry is required at the end of each adventuring session. I’m going to outline a standard entry here and talk a little bit about what is required and what information you may or may not want to leave out.

Codename: Codename
Real Date: Real World date of adventure

Quest outline – Outline what the circumstances and goals of your mission were.

Play by play – This is where you can get a little creative, if you had an epic battle that you want to tell everyone about go ahead and outline it here but if you want to keep your tactics secret you make just say that you quickly dispatched the goblins that were standing guard. Do not lie. If the society finds that you have been lying in your journal entries their retribution is often swift and not pretty. Outline any contacts made, names are not necessary, you can just list them as a source, in fact your gm may ask you to do so, but mention that you had a source. It is also important to mention if the adventure took more than one day and travel that was required. Towns that you visit and where you are at the end of the adventure are things you must include.

Note: this is just a rough draft of what the journal entry will be. It will evolve as we get more adventures under our belt and see how it works. If we find we know too much about what other people are doing and it is ruining any continuing storylines that people are trying to evolve then we will scale it down. If we are not getting enough detail then we will scale it up.

Standard Journal entry

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